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Jim Gaff Song List

  • Aaron Lewis - Multiple Songs
  • Chris Stapleton - Multiple Songs
  • David Allan Coe - Multiple Songs
  • Garth Brooks - Multiple Songs
  • Hank Jr. - Multiple Songs
  • Jim Gaff - Carry Me To The Hilltop
  • Jim Gaff - Cause That Ain't Country Music
  • Jim Gaff - Don't Know Why Were Not Together
  • Jim Gaff - Dreams Fall
  • Jim Gaff - Good Ol' Song
  • Jim Gaff - House a Home
  • Jim Gaff - I Stand For America and Kneel When I Pray
  • Jim Gaff - I'd Think I Still Love You
  • Jim Gaff - If I could Have Just One Whiskey With Hank
  • Jim Gaff - Redneck Wild and Livin' Proof
  • Jim Gaff - Take It To The Barn
  • Jim Gaff - That Don't Sound Like Country
  • Jim Gaff - That Would Be Cool
  • Jim Gaff - That's What It Means When She Loves You
  • Jim Gaff - Toast To The Legends
  • John Michael Montegomery - Multiple Songs
  • Johnny Cash - Multiple Songs
  • Luke Bryan - Multiple Songs
  • Luke Combs - Multiple Songs
  • Merle Haggard - Multiple Songs
  • Tim Hicks - Multiple Songs
  • Travis Tritt - Multiple Songs
  • Waylon - Multiple Songs
  • and More - by Jim Gaff
Jim Gaff

Keepin' it country!

Jim Gaff Description

Whether it be one of his many trips to Nashville, or a Wisconsin hotspot, he’s been on many stages performing with the same energy and passion.

Jim sings with a country twang and can sound like- George Jones and Waylon Jennings. He has the ability to then shift gears, turn up the heat and respond with a gravelly, punchy, high impact vocal to the likes of Bob Segar. His energy is certainly reflected on stage. He is best described as a cross between Waylon, Merle haggard, George Jones and Travis Tritt.

Upcoming Shows

Sat, Dec 08, 2018
7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
The Fox & Hounds Restaurant & Tavern
1298 Friess Lake Rd
Hubertus, WI 53033
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